Ten Netflix Shows That You MUST Watch While in Quarantine

Staff Writer: Jordan Boyd

Hey there and happy Monday to all you Southsiders! As you sit in your homes today, obeying our state-wide isolation techniques, you may find yourself in need of some entertainment. If you have already gone for a walk, taken up a new hobby, or counted the tiny tiles on your kitchen backsplash and are STILL finding yourself bored -- then this list of shows is surely for you! Keep reading for all of the tea on the best Netflix shows...

10. House of Cards

Coming in at number ten, we have the netflix original ​House of Cards​. While this show may seem similar to its political-drama counterparts (West Wing, Designated Survivor, Scandal, etc.), it is set apart by nothing other than absolutely cinematic and gorgeous production and stellar performances by high dollar cast-members. A pre-scandal Kevin Spacey stars as Representative Frank Underwood (also holding the position of Majority Whip, with his hand in nearly every bowl in the capital) who has made a sure-fire agreement to get himself into the President’s Cabinet, and maybe even into the oval office some day. The clarity of such a dream is not to be misconstrued for innocence in this drama, though, as Underwood is perhaps the slimiest of all politicians on the Hill. His corrupt actions make viewers question everything we know about our government, as the occurrences in the show seem all too real. This show, encasing everything there is to know about the political power struggles in Washington D.C., has six seasons and seventy three episodes total.

9. When They See Us

Based on the true story of the Central Park Five, this four-part Netflix original surveys what it means to find justice in America. The mood is set with a blue lens in the show’s filming, almost encapsulating the gloom-filled reality that the real five boys faced. ​When They See Us​ follows the stories of five young boys of differing races who are wrongfully accused and prosecuted for the brutal attack of a caucasian woman in Central Park (in 1989). This show clues us into what would be an absolute nightmare for ourselves and all those that we hold dear-- and this nightmare was the reality for a group of boys who had barely even graduated middle school. When They See Us i​ s a quick watch, but the lessons learned from its content may stick with you forever.

8. Messiah

Whether you are religious or not, this show is a mind-boggling account of the human brain and the culture of following that surrounds us. Netflix’s ​Messiah b​oasts a spiritual movement being closely followed by the CIA and governments across the globe. When a man who is perceived to be the Messiah begins following biblical prophecy and appearing in places of need around the world, he attracts followers and ensues political unrest in America and the middle east. Long-standing temperaments between Christians, Jews, and Muslims arise to the surface, as well as discourse amongst Palestinian Nationals and rivaling countries in the middle east. If you have any interest in theology, history, politics, or international relations, this show is most-definitely for you. Some parts of the show do have subtitles due to the use of different languages--- but the content is still easy to understand.

7. Tiger King

If you have yet to hear about this seven-part-Netflix-original-docuseries, then you must be living under a ROCK. The show #TigerKing is trending on Twitter, and probably every other social media platform. This Netflix original has already accumulated mass amounts of memes-- and my parents even knew what it was. If you are looking for a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat (but also tugs at your heartstrings when you see little tiger cubs) then this is most definitely the show for you. Each episode makes me feel like I am in a fever dream, thinking, “wow, people really live like this?” This show encompasses aspects of murder and mystery (and injustice for the animals).

6. The Haunting of Hill House

If you are looking for a spooky and ~haunting~ watch, then ​The Haunting of Hill House ​is surely for you. With several jump scares even just in the first episode, a bounce-around type of story-telling lets many plot twists unfold throughout the series. The show follows the story of the Crain family children-- with specific flashbacks to the happenings of their childhoods. This is all I can tell without spoiling anything, but just know that this gloomy Netflix drama will keep you glued to the screen.

5. Black Mirror

Black Mirror ​is a show that has not recently been talked about, but if you have yet to watch this suspenseful and uneasy series-- your time is now. In such a trying time in our society, ​Black Mirror w​ ill make you shudder with angst about our modern lives. Such a show is a mix of a political thriller with twitter drama and... all of the other crazy things that you will see. Some of the events detailed in the series are so out of the box, yet so imaginable that you may want to throw away your iPhone (your ‘Black Mirror’) before Netflix even asks you if you are “still watching.”

4. The Staircase

The Staircase w​ as originally produced in 2004 after the mysterious and scandalous death of wife and mother Kathleen Peterson-- a case in which her husband was the prime suspect. The docuseries is told (maybe with some bias) from her husband Michael Peterson’s perspective. The first part of the series ends rather abruptly with the decision of the court, and then it picks up many years later (with more evidence). If you enjoy getting angry at your TV and society-- this is most definitely your show. Conversations and presentations of fact will most certainly grind your gears (but still worth the watch).

3. Stranger Things

Stranger Things ​is the series that took the world by storm in 2016 and is still being filmed today. After three seasons, the show is nothing short of a world-wide phenomenon (and a love letter to the 80s). Set in 1983’s Indiana (heyyyyy!), a young boy vanishes into thin air which kickstarts this sci-fi thriller of a concept. Friends and family search for him everywhere when they then come across a very mysterious little girl who REALLY likes Eggo waffles. This show requires your undivided attention, with each episode ending in quite the cliff hanger (always leaving you wanting more). You will most definitely fall in love with these characters (luckily you will likely have many more years with them since the show has been renewed for a fourth season).

2. The Crown

Netflix’s historical drama ​The Crown​ is one of my all-time favorite shows, and if not for its amazing production, people should watch it purely for its historical significance. This series boasts lavish cinematography along with a real-feeling telling of the dramas of everyday life-- that is, if you are next in line for THE Crown. And by THE Crown, I mean that one position... held by this woman named Queen Elizabeth? Not sure if anyone has heard of her. ​The Crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and the House of Windsor, dating back to when her father wore the crown. This story will have you looking up the history of British royalty the entire time, all while recognizing names like Winston Churchill and Jackie O. MUST WATCH, three seasons of glory. 1. Ozark

Where do I even begin with ​Ozark​?? Starring (and produced by) Jason Bateman, the show quickly makes you question the ideas of good and evil, rich and poor, and all of the other things. Let’s just say, this show may actually make you want to root for a money launderer who may or may not be screwing over unsuspecting clients in the lake community found in Ozark. Hidden in the gloomy filming of wintry Ozark-- you will find comedy in the MANY types of characters within the community, all while understanding the dire circumstances at hand. Alliances are formed, but a lot of opposition remains. The show’s third season was just released, so it is the perfect time to begin watching this thrilling drama.

Honorable Mention: Self Made, Dirty Money, Bloodline, Elite, Money Heist


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