DIY Face Masks

Staff Writer: Olivia Oliver

Quarantine means staying home unless absolutely necessary, but eventually, you’ll be out of milk or bread or maybe you’ll just need some fresh air. Since COVID-19 doesn’t always present symptoms right away (or at all), it can be scary to go outside and risk infecting someone else or getting infected yourself. To help prevent that from happening, many have taken to buying facial masks, like surgical masks or N95 respirators. The problem is that this has created a shortage of masks everywhere, and that hurts the healthcare workers and others at high risk. So, if you’re someone who really wants to wear a mask for protection, consider making your own!

While the CDC stresses you don’t actually need to wear a mask unless you’re sick or caring for someone who has COVID-19, if you’d like to take the extra precautionary step or help out your community, there’s no shortage of tutorials to help you make one. Here are several tutorials that show you step by step how to make the mask. Some require only basic sewing skills while others you might want to ask the resident craftsperson in your family to help with.

  • Business Insider: How to make an effective face mask at home

  • This article has several different resources, ranging from a fairly sturdy one made using a sewing machine, to a t-shirt mask.

  • The University of Pittsburg: T-shirt mask.

  • This is quite possibly the simplest mask on this list, which can also be found linked in the Business Insider article. It’s a straight forward diagram, it’s easy to make, and takes no sewing. It just requires a t-shirt, a ruler, a sharpie and some scissors.

  • JoAnn Fabrics

  • JoAnn Fabrics actually has masks free to pick up at their stores! However, if you’d like to make one for yourself, there are several tutorials on their page that you can follow to make a mask for either yourself or to donate to their stores for others to pick up! It does require a sewing machine, however, though you could likely work around this if you’re adept at using a needle and thread.

  • BuzzFeed Nifty

  • BuzzFeed has posted a helpful, easy to follow video on how to make your own face mask, as well as what the actual benefits are of wearing a mask. This one only requires a needle and thread, along with a few pins, and could probably be done by someone with very, very limited sewing skills.

  • SeeKateSew: 3 Ways To Make A DIY Surgical Face Mask For Virus Shortage

  • This page has several patterns and walk-through instructions with pictures showing how to make different masks. There are also some tips on how to help your community and friends who may be at risk! The masks take some sewing skills so you might need to be either adept at sewing or have someone present who is. However, I know little to nothing about sewing and I understood how to make at least two of the three types on this page!

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